Truro Hockey Club – VALUES

  • We respect the contributions by coaches, committee members, captains, umpires and league volunteers
  • Youth development
  • Competitive fair play
  • Attacking and disciplined hockey
  • A fun community that supports its members
  • We offer both physical and social opportunities to the community

Truro Hockey Club – ON PITCH CONDUCT

  • We play hard to win but play fair and as safe as possible
  • We respect our opponents: magnanimous in victory and gracious and dignified in defeat
  • We respect and support umpires on and off the pitch, acknowledging that they, like us, can make mistakes
  • We don’t intimidate, threaten, swear or make inappropriate gestures, even if provoked
  • We abide by the England Hockey policies and procedures for Safeguarding and Protecting Young People and Equality and Diversity

Any disruption of these rules or breach of conduct will result in a reprimand. Any incidents will be dealt with by the committee and/or team captains.

Truro Hockey Club  – POLICIES & DOCUMENTS